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Seven-S Academy of Banking invites Partners at different locations in the country to represent the Academy and undertake various marketing, promotion and sales activities in their Area.


The Partnerships offered are of following three Types:

  • College Affiliation Programme
  • District Business Associates
  • Banking Career Counsellors


1. College Affiliation Programme

Partner with Us - Help your Students to get Bank Jobs

Colleges help students to achieve Academic Goals. Now they can also assist them in getting good jobs. One pursues studies mainly with the objective and hope of securing a good job and making it in life with the help of a career in a good organisation.

Colleges now can help their students to achieve this objective by partnering with us.

As indicated at other places in this website, thousands of bank jobs will be available every year for the next 5-7 years as persons recruited en masse in public sector banks during the period 1973 to 1988 have started retiring.

We shall train students of the affiliated colleges and prepare them to successfully solve various tests of written/online exams for vacancies in clerical and officers (PO) cadres in banks. We shall also guide them for the subsequent personal interview and group discussion.

This initiative will have following benefits for the various stakeholders:

For the Students:
  • A regular and secure job in the coveted sector of banking.

For the College:
  • Satisfaction of having helped the students in securing a good job and settle in life.
  • Increase in credibility and reputation of the college for launching such an initiative.
  • Monetary benefits in terms of payment for tie-up arrangement and reimbursement for providing facilities / infrastructure of the college for the training.

For Seven-S Academy:
  • Increase in credibility and reputation of the Academy.
  • Increase in business and revenue.

Since most of the activities of the initiative will be conducted in the premises of the college which ultimately will result in the students getting jobs in banks, the initiative can be considered as a Campus Placement for the students of the college.

We look forward to work with the willing colleges on this important initiative which is a win-win-win proposition for the students, the college and for us.

The college authorities can contact the director of the academy at or at 9820034248, 022 4291 8181

2. District Business Associates

The Role

The District Business Associates (DBAs) are essentially entrepreneurs who help in generating the leads for Academy’s Courses for Bank Recruitment Exams. They represent the Academy and undertake marketing, promotion and sales coordination activities in the allotted area. The Academy provides money (agreed share), material and expert help to the DBA to undertake the activities.


The DBA helps in setting up the coaching centres and markets Courses of the Academy through various traditional and innovative promotional methods. Some of which are given below:



  • Advertisements in Local Newspapers
  • Hoardings, Displays and Banners on city buses, autos, railway stations, college campuses, malls and movie halls etc.
  • Advertisement by way of short Commercials and Tickers on local TV channels/programs.



  • Holding Seminars at several places to apprise the prospective candidates about the Courses and their USPs.
  • Participation in Job Fairs to promote the Courses.
  • Entering into tie-ups with colleges, coaching classes for graduate programs.



  • Tele-marketing
    Establishing own Tele-marketing set-up or outsource the activity to market the Courses. Gather data of prospective candidates from various local sources. The Academy also provides data sourced by subscribing to the job sites like Times Jobs, Naukri, Monster etc.
  • Direct-marketing
    Recruiting/ engaging Banking Career Counsellors on commission/chain marketing basis to sell the courses by Direct Marketing or on referral basis on commission/chain marketing basis.


The Eligibility

The DBA should basically have interest and ability to successfully setup coaching centres and market the Courses of the Academy in the district/ area allotted to him/her. Typically he/she should be able to develop and manage a team of professionals and ground staff to undertake the various activities.


The Benefits

The DBA gets a fixed amount for every subscriber of the Course directly booked by them. In addition, they get certain amount from every order received / booked by the Academy (by whatever mode) from the area/ district allotted to them.


The Seven-s Advantage

The Courses of Seven-S, as one can find out by browsing thru’ this site, are unique and have tremendous business potential. We offer a ready platform to grow with strong brand building measures taken thru’ various medium by the academy.
The academy has Associate/ Partner Friendly policies of sharing revenue/ profits.



If you are interested to work as our District Business Associate (DBA), please fill in the DBA Application Form given below and submit it to or Our Senior Executive will contact you within 24 hours.


Registration Form for District Business Associate (DBA)


3. Banking Career Counsellors (BCC)

Nature of Work

Banking Career Counsellor is an opportunity for individuals who desire to earn an income and also build their own business without any investment. It also offers an alternative mode of earning to those who want to increase their household income, or to those whose circumstances don't allow them to have a regular job.


BCCs get paid for their personal sales activity. Additionally, they can recruit other Banking Career Counsellors and receive bonuses on the sales they make.


Banking Career Counsellors have to explain the prospective candidates about the utility and benefits of the Courses. They have to convince the candidates to register for the programme.


Seven-S Academy of Banking will provide them Training to become a successful Counsellor and achieve maximum sales. Seven-S Academy of Banking will also provide them publicity and marketing kits.



Banking Career Counsellors will get a fixed amount for every sales registered by them and Bonuses for every sales registered by BCCs registered by them.


Traits of a Successful BCC

Banking Career Counsellors should have interest and aptitude for Direct selling. They must have full faith in the Courses we offer. They should have a lot of dedication. The qualities of being sincere, outgoing, persistent and honest are the keys of success in this career. A good Counsellor should not be afraid to talk to anyone to get him or her interested in the Courses.


To be a successful Banking Career Counsellor, one must learn not only the basic techniques, but also the way these should be applied. It takes consistent effort, vision and also focus. As they say, when you love what you do you will never lose interest. Banking Career Counsellors must believe in what they are selling and be passionate about it, so that prospective candidates feel your excitement and are in turn enthused. By truly caring about your candidate’s best interests, you will be able to succeed in career- earn fame, friends and money.



If you are interested to work as our Banking Career Counsellor (BCC), please fill in the BCC Application Form given below and submit it to or Our Executives will contact you within 48 hours.


Registration Form for Banking Career Counsellor (BCC)


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