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Course Objective

This course is meant for the candidates who want to secure a Clerical cadre job in banks. Clerical cadre jobs are mainly available in:


  • Public Sector Banks (Nationalized Banks and State Bank of India & its Associate Banks)
  • Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Some old Private Sector banks (e.g. Karnataka Bank, Laxmi Vilas Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank)
  • Urban Co-operative Banks (e.g. Saraswat Co-op Bank, Abhyudaya Co-op Bank)


Main Features

The course provides guidance and prepare candidates on all aspects of banking recruitment process. It particularly includes:


  • Intimating the candidates about the ensuing bank exams.
  • Helping them with the eligibility criteria and applying for such exams.
  • Explaining them the types of tests, structure, marks and timings etc.
  • Providing them well researched, state-of-the-art and result oriented Study Material.
  • Answering their difficulties and queries through our Support Centre.
  • Intimating the candidates about the vacancies advertised by the bank and cut-off points etc.
  • Helping the candidates to apply for the vacancies.
  • Providing notes and guidance for succeeding in the Personal Interviews.


Course Highlights

As indicated earlier thousands of Clerical cadre jobs will be available every year for the next 5-7 years as there is mass retirement of persons employed during the period 1973 to 1988.


The main objective of this course is to enable the candidates to prepare for the bank exams and the subsequent personal interview.

The main strength of this course and the Self Study Material is its quality. The Study Material is prepared by highly qualified, experienced and best of the class professionals. These professionals have put in more than 8-10 man years’ efforts in preparing this Study Material.

The Study Material is well researched and based on the latest trends of the bank exams. The main topics, sub-topics and the various types of questions based on them have been carefully classified. The material explains the basic concepts in simple and lucid language. It provides innovative methods, important tips and shortcuts to successfully solve the questions of the bank tests in the shortest possible time.

The Study material is comprehensive yet to the point, easy to understand and does not require any external help of a coach/tutor. Structure-structure, simplify-simplify are the main mantras followed for preparing the study material.

To conclude, the SSAB’s Self Study Course for Bank Clerical Recruitment (SSCBC) is tailor made for Clerical Cadre recruitments in banks. It is easy to understand and remember. It aims at preparing candidates on all aspects of banking recruitment process. It is moderately priced and is thus affordable to all.


Study Material

The study material consists of following 14 booklets covering all the areas of Clerical Recruitment Tests for various banks including CWE for Public Sector banks and Clerical Recruitment Tests of State Bank and its Associate Banks :

Periodic updates and refresher course material on various topics of the tests are sent by the institute to the candidates.

In addition to above, Model Test Papers based on the questions actually appeared in the past examinations along with answer keys on all topics are sent by the institute to the subscribers of this course.

The Total Course Material is about 2000 pages.

Personal Guidance

The subscribers of this course will have the facility of raising their queries and difficulties to the expert team of the Academy through e-mails and correspondence.



The total fees for this comprehensive, unique and result oriented course is Rs.6400/-. This includes postage and service tax.