Mission and Values


  • Our Mission is to encourage and empower the young generation of India to secure bank jobs and make successful careers in the coveted sector of banking.
  • We propose to achieve this by:
    • Creating the most comprehensive, credible and exclusive knowledge base and unique methods of learning for bank recruitment exams/jobs;
    • Providing products and services that set new standards in quality and user experience.
    • Being the most preferred provider of the services to the candidates aspiring for careers in banking;
    • Delivering value and exceeding expectations; and
    • Creating a workplace that foster excellence, builds intellectual net worth and results in absolute professionalism.


Values/Operating Principles

  • We shall be open, honest, fair and caring.
  • We shall treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • We shall inspire teamwork through example.
  • We shall execute with excellence.
  • We shall celebrate and reward success.